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working from home jobs
Finding suitable working from home jobs either part-time or full time may well offer the perfect solution towards your work/life balance. I have been on the corporate ladder for most of my working life, pulling anything between 50-80 hours a week in the office, plus a 2 hour commute each way. I needed a change.

Initially I was searching through the various job sites looking for working from home jobs, and there was nothing I could see that was a good fit. Being a single parent I have to juggle my working time around the kids school drop off, pick up, homework, dinner, baths, stories, and bedtime.

For the past year I have achieved a far better balance where I now work only 4 days a week in my corporate job and also have a second income working from home that could become my full time ‘work’. I would like to share with you today the three different things I do to earn a steady income on the side.

It’s all about the SIDE HUSTLE!

So what is a Side Hustle?

what is a side hustle

A side hustle is something you do on the side to generate extra income. You can use a variety of working from home jobs to accomplish this, you can have a number of different side hustles all going at the same time. I began to side hustle about a year ago, and now I am really benefiting from it due to more free time and less stress. I am a firm believer of the old saying you reap what you sow.

Let’s go through the precise three side hustles that I use personally on a daily basis that I know will help you as well. I could write a post of 99 different things you can try that I have no experience with, but that would be a waste of my writing time and your reading time. This stuff works.

Side Hustles That Work… Here are 3.

side hustles that work

1. Sell items on eBay – Using the 5 Item Rule

This is a great introduction into the side hustle as it’s almost instant, and you may have overlooked how powerful it is if done consistently. We all have items around the home or in the garage that we do not need anymore. Although selling items on eBay can be a bit of a bore, having a constant stream of money coming in each month is certainly not!

I still make a steady income from eBay after a year of doing it, simply selling stuff I no longer need, selling unwanted gifts, or reselling items I see in the charity shop that I know I can sell for more. I have also very done well finding old damaged books with lovely pictures in and framing the pictures to sell online.

My first recommendation is you go through all your drawers and cupboards at home, and dive into that garage of yours and find just 5 items to list on eBay or other similar selling site if you prefer. Each time an item sells, you list one more item, so you always have 5 items ‘on-the-go’ for sale at any one time. I have done this for over a year now and it works brilliantly!!

Just keep doing it, consistency is key, and at the end of every month you will be pleased with the extra money that keeps coming in. In case you have lived in a cave alone for the last 20 years and never heard of eBay, below is the link.

2. Offer your Skills for Hire

Have a skill or a number of skills that others would find valuable? You can offer your services on a number of ‘skills for hire websites’ and make a steady ongoing income using this method. I found this method very valuable to get additional work that I would do in my spare time, and I still do the odd bit of work for existing clients (although I have chosen to concentrate on Affiliate Marketing instead as I get more enjoyment from it).

Here are just a few example skills that work well:

  • Writing articles and reviews for client products.
  • Sales and marketing calls for clients.
  • Remote telephone support for businesses.
  • Remote email and chat support for businesses.
  • Graphic designers for images and logos.
  • Remote tutoring.

Below are two of the ‘skills for hire’ websites that I found generated a consistent amount of work for me.

3. Earn Online with Affiliate Marketing

This has been the real game changer for me and now provides over 80% of my side hustle income. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Blogging or Affiliate Marketing, hear me out.

What is a Blog?

You are on a Blog right now. It’s simply a website owned by someone (me) who can write about ‘stuff’. For now just understand that even a complete beginner can have their own Blog website up and running in about 30 seconds, it is honestly that easy.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing in my opinion is one of the best ways that Blog owners can make money from their readers. You can write a Blog post (an article like this one) where you recommend a product and service to your audience using something called Affiliate Marketing, and make money from it.

Affiliate Marketing is a very simple concept. For example, you start a Blog website called MyFabReviews.com, you then write a detailed review using your Blog website about a particular product for sale on Amazon (let’s say, a Wide Screen TV). If a reader of your Blog reads your review, then clicks on the link you put in your review and purchases the item from Amazon, you would make a commission of between 4%-8%.

Even better, Amazon does not care if your reader buys the actual item you reviewed! You will get a commission from an item you did not even promote if the reader used your link for a TV but decided to buy a camera instead. Or even better, they buy the TV you reviewed, and a camera also, and you receive the commission for both.

Amazon is one of the largest Affiliate’s out there, and have over 550 million different products you can review about on your Blog and earn a commission from, pretty neat eh?

Starting your own Blog and using Affiliate Marketing is super easy even for a total beginner, check out the following:

Time You Started?

time you started

I love the saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome”. Being stuck in the 9-5 or struggling to make ends meet now will feel the same in 10 years time as it does at the moment.

So here is your ‘Call to Action’ where I recommend that you do something right now that will allow you to affect your future in a positive way.

  1. SELL YOUR STUFF – Get those 5 items listed on eBay (right now)
  2. SELL YOURSELF – Check out Upwork.com and/or PeoplePerHour.com
  3. SELL TO OTHERS – Read How to Create Your Own Blog and Get Paid and check out the Affiliate Marketing experts.


Having one or more working from home jobs (side hustles) is a great way to earn an additional income, whilst not risking everything by quitting your job and diving into the unknown. Once you have gained experience and begun to earn money from your on-the-side ventures, you can then decide if you are able to alter your current main method of income.

I now have left my full time job and negotiated a 4-day week with a new employer which allows me more free time to follow my side hustles. Just to be very clear, if I was to advise that you quit your job and start a Blog, I would be giving you horrendous advice. My advice to you is pretty simple, and that try out my 3 side hustles and see how you feel. I am so glad I did.

I hope this post has been informative for you, and will help you strike a better work/life balance as it did for me.

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