Wealthy Affiliate FAQ’s

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ's
Welcome to The Affiliate Geeks Wealthy Affiliate FAQ’s. Below are 12 Questions and Answers that I hope will make things clearer for you and help you along your way to online marketing success. You may also want to check out my post How to Create Your Own Blog and Get Paid

1. What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is many things rolled into one!

  • A hosting company for your Blog or Website.
  • A Training Center via their WA University so you learn everything you need.
  • An active online community to help you all the way.

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the most advanced resources to teach you every aspect of Internet marketing and online business.

2. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Their concept is pretty simple. Help each and every member to ‘help themselves’ by providing an outstanding platform, world-class education, fast technical support, and an active community that are all there to help.

Essentially within just a few minutes a complete beginner can have a Blog or Website online and access to world-class training to take them every step of the way. From there you will learn how to grow your online business by the ongoing WA University courses that cover every aspect.

3. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of a number of methods you can use you generate income from your Blog or Website. It works by you referring your readers to any number of online products (e.g. via a link in a product review you have written) and should that person click on your link and buy the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission from the seller.

This commission varies depending on what product you are promoting. For example, one of the largest Affiliates is Amazon, and they offer you between 4% and 8% commission on the 550 million different products they sell online.

4. What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is a training program that will take you from complete beginner, all the way to running your own online business. The training covers every aspect you need from getting your Blog or Website online, producing great content, adding Affiliate Links to generate income, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Gaining readers by Search engines and Social Media. It’s all there.
I truly believe this is the most advanced training program available on the market today for those aiming to become an online business owner.

5. Is Wealthy Affiliate a SCAM?

No way. I am a fully paid up member on a yearly membership (as the discount is great). I started as a complete newbie, I did not even know what a Blog was. Now I have 5 blogs up and running. WA has taken me through everything I needed to know via their WA University. I have leaned so much, and you can too.

Like everything in life you will only get out what you put in, however everything is here to move you towards your goal.

6. Is Wealthy Affiliate for Real?

A resounding YES!! Wealthy Affiliate is totally for real. I feel the only people who would say it’s not for real, or a scam are either those who have not actually tried it, or they joined and did not put any effort in.

Unless you put in some real effort, you will not succeed at anything. If you are looking to sign up to some ‘scheme’ and have money rolling in from day one, forget it. WA cannot provide that, and anyone who says they can are liars.

It’s simple, sign up, go through all the training provided at WA university, get your blog online, work really hard, learn along the way, and you will achieve success. Many do.

7. Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners?

Indeed, it is, even if you are a complete and utter beginner WA takes you from complete newbie to intermediate/expert. You will get out what you put in.

8. Is Wealthy Affiliate ONLY for Beginners?

Heck no, there are some very experienced folk here running their online businesses. If you are an experienced Blogger or Website Owner, and want to really take it to the next level, this is the place.

9. Is Wealthy Affiliate for College Students?

It’s a great match for anyone, including College Students who are willing to dedicate their time.

10. Is Wealthy Affiliate for Retired People?

As already mentioned, it’s a great match for anyone, including retired folk looking to learn something new, get involved in the WA community, however not to sound like a broken record, you must be willing to dedicate your time and effort.

11. Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

The clincher for me when I first joined was the fact that WA offers a Starter Membership which is totally FREE for 7 Days, and you don’t even need to hand over any credit card details. There is ZERO risk. The way WA works to ‘hook you in’ is to offer an outstanding platform, backed up with brilliant ongoing training, support, and a welcoming community.

They know that in 7 days you will realise you will not find a better platform, and will want to sign up.

I personally went for the week free trial, found it was just what I was looking for so signed up for the monthly plan. After a month I realised I wanted to fully commit so went for the yearly plan as the discount is great. It’s totally awesome, and I rarely get excited about anything.

Once you have signed up for your Free Starter Membership, start their beginner training (for FREE), and set up your blog or website (for FREE), and see how you feel.

12. How to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Simply claim your Free Starter Membership by clicking on the link below. Try it for a week, if you don’t find it’s as amazing as I am saying then you can just let your trial membership run out. My guess is, you will rip their arm off to become a full member as I did.
How to Set up a blog and make money

You can join me and the other 850,000 Internet Entrepreneurs in the Wealthy Affiliate community by clicking the banner above and taking the WA Free Starter Membership out for a test drive.

I hope you have found this Wealthy Affiliate FAQ’s post useful.



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