How to Earn Money Online for Students

How to Earn Money Online for Students

Finding yourself suitable part-time online income whilst in higher education may well offer the perfect solution towards a better study/work/social-life balance. Why work like a dog in a low paid part-time job during your precious free time when with some forward planning, you could generate a far more passive style of income that will continue growing over time. Today we will discuss how to earn money online for students.

Does it require effort?

Yes of course it does, nothing worthwhile comes without you putting in some time and energy. But I guarantee you will find it interesting, exciting and rewarding.

Your Online Side Hustle

I am sure you already know what a side hustle is, something you can do on the side to generate an extra income. You can follow the well-trodden path and choose one (or more) part-time jobs to accomplish this, but what if you can make money more passively online instead, or as well as?

Can it be done?

Indeed, it can as I do just that every day and so can you.

How You Will Earn Money Online

how will you earn money online

Asking how to earn money online for students is a broad question, and there are so many get rich scams out there. The most effective method I have come across that I use every day is Blogging. By writing helpful and interesting (I hope) articles and reviews on a variety of subjects then using something called Affiliate Marketing to generate an income from each article I write. This has been the real game changer for me and now provides over 80% of my side hustle income.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Blogging or Affiliate Marketing, it’s a simple tried & tested way to make money online and once setup correctly, you will only need to invest an hour or two each day from the comfort of your own laptop to see your income steadily grow month by month, year by year.

But I am not a writer

but I am not a writer

You do NOT need to be a born writer neither. As you can most likely tell, I am not a writer at all. The best piece of advice I was ever given regarding Blogging that really gave me the confidence to start blogging is… write as if you are having a conversation with a friend.

This is not a novel, I don’t need to use a bucket load of unnecessary fancy words. I personally feel it comes across as a tad patronising. You need to write helpful and engaging content, that’s all, period.

Chasing the Rainbow

chasing rainbows

A word of warning, on the Internet you may have heard of a trillion of other ways to make money online (for example ‘funnels/click funnels’), and whilst these are all excellent tools when used correctly, and you will get to those in time, what I think is very important is for you to lay an excellent solid foundation of knowledge first.

So don’t be tempted to jump to the latest ‘hot’ topics, as you will end up chasing the rainbow and make little progress. Trust me on this.

Can you handle it?

If you wish to focus on earning a part-time income from the Internet, you must appreciate that you need to invest some time and attention. Nothing comes for free in life when little effort is used, this is no different.

As you can imagine, there is of course competition out there when it comes to earning and income online, but thankfully most of your competition will give up after a few months as they would have been presuming this type of thing would be an instant success. This is not an INSTANT success recipe.

The trick I have found is getting as much of the upfront work done in a period of hard core effort over a 2-3 week period of 4-6 hours a day, every day. Once the upfront work is done, from there you would only need to spend about 2 hours a day, every day, growing your income. This is exactly what I do now.

How long until you make any money?

how long to make money

Presuming you follow the advice given here and my next post ‘How to Create Your Own Blog and Get Paid’ (there is a link to it further down), you should begin to generate a regular small income after 3 months and from then as long as you keep putting in the time of a couple of hours a day, each month’s income will increase.

For this reason, ideally you wold plan for this in advance and get all the upfront work done, plus have at least 3-6 months under your belt before you go off to college/university/higher education. You can of course do this whilst you are at university, but the income will not be high enough to be your only side hustle, although by the time you leave you would have a money making side hustle that may allow you to choose a job for less money that you love, or only need to work part-time. Maybe you will take a year off after your studies and travel the world whilst Blogging, it’s possible if you make it possible.

I just want to reiterate the importance of forward planning. If you are already in the process of your higher education, I don’t think you will see the financial rewards in time. However, if you have the mind-set that you still want to get this rolling so when you leave you have a passive income system in place then that’s still a great choice. If anyone says they make huge amounts of money online almost instantly without much effort, then I would suggest they don’t.

Everyone is different, and if you find you become ‘all consumed’ with your Blogging and it affects your studies, STOP AND GET A PART-TIME JOB INSTEAD, as you can pick up your Blog once you complete your higher education. Study comes first.. oh dear I sound like my Dad.

Where to Start?

where to start

My next awesome post (link below) covers what you need to do to get started in more detail, and also shows you where to get your blog hosted and up and running for free, with a load of free training too. You can thank me later!

How to Create Your Own Blog and Get Paid | by The Affiliate Geek


With some upfront thought, time and effort, you can have your own Blog up, running, and also making money before you even go off to College/University. I hope this post how to earn money online for students provided an initial taster of what is possible for not only your student years, but for your future as well.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.



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