How to Create a Great Domain Name

How to Create a Great Domain Name


Presuming you have signed up to a hosting company such as BlueHost or Wealthy Affiliate (or soon will), you now need to figure out how to create a great domain name for your new site.

A domain name is the name that readers will type into their web browser to find your site directly, and the name that search engines will display as your site name in their search results such as www.myfabsite.com

Selecting a domain name for your precious new Blog or Website is one of the most important choices you may make. Like choosing a name for your baby, once you have committed to a name, it’s not ideal to then change it later on.

Below are 10 great tips that I recommend you follow when choosing a domain name.

1. Make sure you use a .com domain name

When thinking about how to create a great domain name, one of the most important tips I recommend is that you use a .com domain name rather than .net or .biz as there is increasing evidence that .com is regarded more highly by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Also consider that most Internet users may ‘presume’ a site will be .com and may type in your site name and add .com on the end when typing it onto a browser and could end up on another persons site who owns the .com version of your site name.

Play it safe, get a .com

2. No hyphens

Don’t put hyphens (dashes) in the name, for example myfabsite.com is more preferable than my-fab-site.com and although it is easier on the eye with a hyphen, it becomes harder if advertising through radio or word of mouth. There is some debate surrounding if using hyphens can negatively impact your SEO, and although there is no hard evidence, I recommend leaving them alone.

3. No numbers

It’s harder to communicate verbally a domain name that has a number or numbers in it so avoid numbers in your domain name.It’s can also look a bit small time, as there are not many large websites that use numbers.

4. Not Too Long

Try to keep the name less than 20 characters as www.MyAmazingWebsiteAboutSpeedboats.com is not only super long, looks a tab unprofessional, but is also hard to type for visitors who know your sites name and want to go direct from their web browser. Much better to have something shorter and a little personal like www.JimsSpeedboats.com

5. Use keywords if possible

Adding specific keywords in your domain name that describe you and the service you offer can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For example HandmadePurses.com includes the keywords ‘handmade’ and ‘purses’.

6. Make it personal

Let’s go one extra. No only add specific keywords in your domain name, also add something personal that describes you. For example JillsHandmadePurses.com includes the keywords ‘handmade & purses’ PLUS feels more personal as we know its Jill’s site.

7. Avoid being generic

Try not to be too generic with your domain name, for example TheBestLuxuaryShoes.com is too generic when compared to SophiasLuxuaryShoes.com

8. Easy to pronounce

Make life easier for visitors to share your domain name by word of mouth, and easier for you to share via radio or podcasts, by having a name that is easy to pronounce.

9. Something new

You can consider something short, sweet, memorable and NEW. Think of some of the most famous sites in the world who basically invented a new word and used that for their company and their domain name:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Apple


10. Check Google before you buy it

Make sure the domain name you want to use is not already the actual name of another company, or trademarked/copyrighted in any way. Take some time to do a bit of research on Google to save a potential problem later down the line.

Check some names today

You can try out some domain names you fancy using the below link to GoDaddy to see if they are available free of charge, then sign up to Bluehost or Wealthy Affiliate and purchase it from there. Although it costs a little more, it’s far easier to purchase the domain name within the hosting provider you choose to use rather than purchase it with GoDaddy then have to move it over.

Check Available Domain Names Online with GoDaddy




By now you should have a far better idea of how to create a great domain name for your Blog or Website, and should be up and running in no time at all. My awesome post (link below) covers what you need to do to get started in more detail, and also shows you where to get your blog hosted and up and running for free, with a load of free training too. You can thank me later!

How to Create Your Own Blog and Get Paid | by The Affiliate Geek

If you have any questions or comments regarding domain names then please feel free to leave them below, will be great to hear from you.



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